Metal Chain Mail Coif Medieval Armor, Silver

SKU: I305-HGM012
Height: 19.00 Centimeters
Width: 19.00 Centimeters
Depth: 18.75 Centimeters
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Be ready to go on a battle with this metal chain coif armor. This chain mail coif is designed in a way to provide great strength as it features 4 in 1 interlocking rings linked together. It covers the head (top and back), neck, and the upper chest area in a proper way. In medieval era, this metal chain mail coif was used to provide great protection from swords, spears, knives, impact weapons. Overall Height: 19 Inches, Face Opening: 9 Inches This chain mail coif armor is perfect for themed parties
• This chail mail coif armor is made up of metal and provides a great strength along with durability.
• It features 4 in 1 interlocking. The rings covers head and neck resting on shoulders.
• Dwells you into historic era, where it was used as a protection shield during war.

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