Ceramic Bellied Round Vase with Geometric Pattern, Glossy White

SKU: BM179427
Height: 12.25 Centimeters
Width: 5.75 Centimeters
Depth: 5.75 Centimeters
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This white ceramic bellied round vase with short neck and geometric design is truly a masterful work of art! The vase is treated with a glossy white finish that gives them rigidity against climate change, or can simply provide the aesthetic touch you need to have a fascinating focal point. Impress your friends and family with fine craftsmanship and intricate details that even the most scrutinous critics might fail to define. It can also be a perfect gift for every occasion. Dimensions: 5.75in x 5.75in x 12.25in
• Its enticing look will grab attention.
• Perfect to be placed on center table, chest, dresser or any table top
• Perfect for any themed house

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