Cement Round Bellied Pot With Irregular Gray Band Rim Top, Small, White

SKU: BM180855
Height: 5.50 Centimeters
Width: 5.50 Centimeters
Depth: 5.50 Centimeters
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This cement round bellied pot is completely hand-finished from the first stage to the finishing stage to give it a unique and genuine look. Cement constructed pot features washed finish with irregular gray finish rim top. Potted any choice of plant in this small-size pot to make a desired design and pattern. Put this plant anywhere or any corner at home to bring the natural aesthetic look. To get a composite classic or garden look, try to assemble different sizes pots together.
• Includes: One Small Round Bellied Pot Only
• Cement constructed pot features washed finish with gray irregular band rim
• Hand polished designer pot for your beautiful home

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